The National Catholic Review

July 30, 2001

Vol. 185 No. 3Whole No. 4535


Americans Abroad

The New York Times has as much enthusiasm for President Bush as Mr. Creakle, the headmaster of Salem House, had for that wholly unpromising schoolboy, David Copperfield. The Times’s editorials regularly register their disfavor with Mr. Bush’s domestic and foreign policies.


The Contemporary Person and the Church
Godfried Danneels
An Intervention at the Consistory
Healing the Wounds of Murder
George M. Anderson
The Killing of Jerome Mallett
John F. Kavanaugh
The Church and Psychiatry
Ralph A. OConnell

Books and Culture

The Ultimate Test
George M. Anderson
Toward the end of a summer vacation in 1993 at her Connecticut home, Antoinette Bosco received the kind of telephone call that—to use her
Survival of the Fittest
Kevin P. Quinn
With the sequencing of the human genome virtually completed and the first analysis of the decoded sequence now reported, this book is imp
Mystery and Meaning
William A. Barry
With this well-written and insightful new book Robert Wuthnow, a professor of sociology at Princeton University, continues his exploratio
Cuddly Computers
Richard A. Blake
A. I.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Managing Your Portfolio
John R. Donahue
The Word
Finding the Treasure
John R. Donahue
The Word
Finding the Treasure II
John R. Donahue
Faith in Focus
Standing in the Doorway
William F. Wegher
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
David S. Toolan
Chagall's Window, Strasbourg
Carolyn Grassi
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