The National Catholic Review

January 16, 2012

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Current Comment
Cradle Christians; Saving 'The Finest'; A Matter of Life and Death
The Way of Life
Rethinking the goals and methods of the pro-life movement


In Harm's Way
Mary Meehan
Children, born and unborn, trapped in wartime
To Heal and Protect
Bernard V. Nojadera
Two new ministries help victims of sexual abuse and promote safety.
The Continuing Mission
Kevin Clarke
Carolyn Woo takes the reins at Catholic Relief Services.
Good Returns
Thomas J. Healey
Can you follow your conscience and still beat the S&P 500?

Books and Culture

Lost Horizon
James M. Lang
From New Orleans, 2010, the story of an oil company behaving badly
Exile From Paradise
Paul J. Contino
How many Catholics have read the greatest literary work in their tradition?
Magical Realism
James S. Torrens
Story, or bits of it, abounds in the poems of Rodney Jones.
Faith at the Movies
John Anderson
In 2011, a surprising number of films had genuine spiritual intentions.