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Has the Ireland of the present lived up to the sacrifice of their founders a century ago?

The hungry, lonely, broken-hearted, exiled, need not wait until Lent is over.

Pope Francis hit hard at what he considers their weaknesses and failings, but he also offered some words of encouragement.

U.S Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, pictured in a Feb. 2 photo, was found dead of apparent natural causes at a resort in West Texas Feb. 13. (CNS photo/Peter Foley, EPA)

The court’s most outspoken and well-known conservative voice, Scalia’s style and wit will be missed even by those who disagreed with him.

Mexico’s richness is its young people, Pope Francis told the nation’s assembled political leadership at the National Palace in Mexico City today.

You can’t be human alone, you can only be human with others.

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Gerald Schlabach asks whether we are missing out on “joyous authenticity” by letting celebrity, constant mobility and superficiality lure us away from real life.

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