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From the moment he steeped off the plane at Entebbe airport, the Ugandans gave Pope Francis a rapturous welcome and in a thousand ways demonstrated their immense joy and happiness that he had come

Pope Francis first hit out hard against “the dreadful injustice of urban exclusion” when he visited the one of the city’s many slums and, an hour later at a rally with young people, he slammed corruption and tribalism.

Pope Francis said he hopes this important international gathering "will achieve a global and transformational" agreement on lessening the impact of climate change, fighting poverty and ensuring respect for human dignity.

Pope Francis celebrated his first mass in Africa today in a truly festive atmosphere, marked by the sound of drums, the singing of ten choirs, the ululating of women, and the rhythmic movement of t

Today Pope Francis received an enthusiastic welcome in Nairobi when he stepped for the first time on African soil.

Own good fortune seems to have made us not generous and confident but anxious and apprehensive.

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Camillian Father Bernard Kinvi directs the hospital at the Catholic mission in Bossemptele, northwestern Central African Republic. When brutal sectarian violence erupted in the country in 2013, Father Kinvi saved the lives of hundreds of besieged Muslims, whom he gathered from their homes and sheltered in the Catholic church.


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