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'A Man Called Ove,' ultimately, is about love in its many forms.

The biggest attraction of all was the presence of the crucifix of John Sullivan, S.J., an Irish Jesuit who died in 1933.

The Pew survey finds that regular attendees of Mass are more likely to follow the church on abortion and homosexuality.

Andreas Munoz as St. Ignatius of Loyola in "Ignacio de Loyola" (Paolo Dy/Jescom)

Paolo Dy is a Filipino Catholic filmmaker who directed and co-wrote the first English-language feature film about St. Ignatius of Loyola

The building of walls and the exclusion of the stranger are truly not the main forces of our time.

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Speaking to Tim Reidy and Kerry Malone, in this week's podcast Maryann Cusimano Love explains the foreign policy stances of the presidential candidates. This is a subject Maryann Cusimano Love is well qualified to discuss; she advises the Secretary of State and the Federal Advisory Commission on how the government can engage with civil society and religious actors in foreign policy.

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