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Steve Bannon accused the Catholic Church of supporting immigration reform only to boost its own membership.

The sorrow and pain is great. The stories of heroic deeds of rescuers and ordinary people are great, too.

Ignatian spirituality, like all good Christian spirituality, is both a “calling” and a “sending.”

The quake left at least 120 people dead, including many children, and obliterated mountain villages.

“If a person comes from behind and he shoots someone dead and he does not ask for watches, he does not ask for money, what is it? If it is not a hate crime, what would it be?”

The new domain, .catholic, will only be available to institutions approved by the Vatican.

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Elizabeth Dias, winner of the George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize for Excellence in Journalism, Arts & Letters, talks to Kerry Weber and Eric Sundrup, S.J., about her career as a religion journalist, Mother Teresa's upcoming canonization, and Pope Francis.

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