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Tim Kaine traces his interest in politics back to his time with the Jesuits.

The chapel at Brideshead is based on the chapel at Madresfield Court in Worcestershire, the ancestral home of the Lygon family

When we pray, we know that someone is there.

On a car ride to school, an 8 year old gets the connection between theology and social justice.

“Today I, as the leader of this archdiocese, stand before you to say we have failed, in what we have done and what we have failed to do,” Archbishop Bernard Hebda said.

The decision to face the people rested on a profound theological insight.

The call of Daesh to members of Europe’s Muslim communities to kill as many “unfaithful” Western people as possible creates a new vista of possibilities for violent, frustrated men.

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A conversation on "American Jesuits and the World" with John T. McGreevy


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