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Someone is shot in Chicago on the average of every three hours. There have been more than 400 shooting deaths in the city so far this year, up 18 percent already from last year.

The morning 10 minute walk from where I live to the newsstand at 57th St. and 8th Ave is a world in itself. Here even the homeless seem quite at home.

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On the flight from Bangui to Rome, the pope addressed questions on COP21, Vatileaks, Islam

The case against PDF documents

No one is served by rhetoric that suggests that pro-lifers have “incited” this violence.

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Camillian Father Bernard Kinvi directs the hospital at the Catholic mission in Bossemptele, northwestern Central African Republic. When brutal sectarian violence erupted in the country in 2013, Father Kinvi saved the lives of hundreds of besieged Muslims, whom he gathered from their homes and sheltered in the Catholic church.


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