The National Catholic Review

Editors and Staff

America has been published by the Jesuits of the United State since 1909. Jesuits who have served on the staff include the social critic John LaFarge and the theologian John Courtney Murray. Today America's editorial board is a mix of Jesuits and lay people.

Editor in Chief

Matt Malone, S.J.

Executive Editors

Robert C. Collins, S.J.

Maurice Timothy Reidy

Managing Editor

Kerry Weber

Literary Editor

Raymond A. Schroth, S.J.

Senior Editor & Chief Correspondent

Kevin Clarke

Editor at Large

James Martin, S.J.

Executive Editor, America Films 

Jeremy Zipple, S.J.

Poetry Editor

Joseph Hoover, S.J.

Associate Editor and Vatican Correspondent 

Gerard O'Connell

Associate Editor and Director of Digital Strategy

Sam Sawyer, S.J.

Senior Editor

Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.

Associate Editor

Ashley McKinless, Olga Segura

Assistant Editors

Francis W. Turnbull, S.J., Joseph McCauley

Editorial Assistant

Zac Davis

Art Director

Sonja Kodiak Wilder

Moderator, Catholic Book Club

Kevin Spinale, S.J.


Edward Spallone

Deputy Publisher

Rosa Del Saz

Assistant to the CFO

Katy Zhou

Vice President for Advancement

Dan Pawlus

Development Coordinator

Kerry Goleski

Advertising Sales Manager

Chris Keller

Front Desk Receptionist

Glenda Castro

Web Site

Ken Ficara, Harmonica LLC