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  • Sir Thomas More loses his head in this Sunday’s episode (April 26) of the acclaimed PBS historical drama, “Wolf Hall,” which is not much of a spoiler since that’s what infamously happened to More in 1535 at the hands of King Henry VIII.

    The real suspense now is whether More will also lose his halo.

  • Yukari Bakracli, a tiny Kurdish village outside the city of Van in Turkey’s southeast, is home to the ruins of a once-famous 11th-century Armenian Christian monastery. Known to Armenians as Varagavank, it thrived as a place of worship until Turkish forces looted it and murdered parishioners in the mass killing sprees of 1915.

    Today, the roof is collapsing. Toppled stone columns lie nearby. And with no signage, there is no acknowledgment it was...

  • When Francis Cardinal George died from cancer on April 17th, the historian/biographer George Weigel wrote an appreciation of the cardinal for the National Review’s website (“Cardinal Francis George, R.I.P.”) It covered the cardinal’s life and legacy, as well as his impact on the church, inside and outside of Chicago. That is usually the case when a noted churchman—or any...

  • Mary Doria Russell (Jeff Rooks)

    Mary Doria Russell is an American Jewish novelist who is the award-winning author of The Sparrow and Children of God, a pair of science fiction works featuring Jesuits...

  • Judy McDonald with her service dog Daisy (NICK ABADILLA PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy USD Magazine)

    Judy McDonald is an American Catholic stand-up comedienne based in San Diego, Calif. Since 1994 she has performed her faith-based stand-up routine in TV shows, military bases, conferences, comedy clubs, and parishes.

  • When I first spotted David Brooks’s “A Moral Bucket List,” an excerpt from his new book on morality, The Road to Character, which appeared in the New York Times (Apr 12), I zipped through it quickly without giving it a chance to sink in. Today’s letters page (Apr 19) with 8 responses sent me back to a slow reading of the original.

  • Cambridge, MA. Here in the Boston, as in many other cities around the country, the Church is of necessity rethinking parish structures, often drawing parishes together in collaboratives. Much of this has to do with the declining number of priests and diminishing congregations. Yet this rethinking, despite all the problems it raises, also presents an opportunity to think about how small Christian communities — including parishes — can best fulfill their mission.

  • Chicago's Cardinal Francis George passed away today after a long battle with cancer. George had been on home care since April 3 after being hospitalized late last month for hydration and pain management issues.

    Archbishop Blase Cupich confirmed the cardinal’s passing this afternoon. "A man of peace, tenacity and courage has been called home to the Lord," he said. "Our beloved Cardinal George passed away today at 10:45 a.m. at the Residence."

  • I’m so proud of my brother Jesuit, Damian Torres-Botello, SJ, for speaking out on an important issue in our church: the welcome of LGBT men and women. I’m also proud of him for openly admitting that he himself is gay. While such an admission is commonplace in some circles, Damian’s public statement—in this case online—is rare. Why? Not because of any aversion to honesty in the religious orders and the priesthood.

  • As part of protests across the United States for a higher minimum wage yesterday, adjunct professors from Seattle University were among the 21 people arrested in a sit-in that blocked an intersection in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The professors made common cause with the fast-food, retail, and service workers who have been far more visible in the struggles for higher pay, but who...