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  • A federal judge in California ruled on Friday that the Obama administration's family detention policy violates a 1997 settlement that bars immigrant children from being held in unlicensed facilities. In response to a surge at the border of immigrants fleeing violence and poverty in Central America U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement expanded the number of detention facilities to house up to 3,700 unaccompanied minors and mothers with young children (1,700 are currently being held).

  • The Satanic Temple’s template for a statue of Baphomet is pictured in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters June 27, 2014. REUTERS/The Satanic Temple/Handout

    One of the most frightening books I’ve ever read was Possessed, the real-life account of an exorcism in 1949, in St. Louis, Mo. It served as the basis of the popular novel and film “The Exorcist.” Performed by some no-nonsense Jesuits, the exorcism, unlike the film, reached its conclusion when the possessed boy (not girl, as in the book and film) was wheeled in a gurney past a statue of St.

  • Pope Francis has spent much of his papacy embracing people. He’s visited slums and welcomed immigrants; he’s worked to include people from the margins and made an effort to live a simple, humble life. This has made a lot of us feel pretty good about him and about the church. “Ours is a...

  • Yesterday a Kenyan Jesuit posted a delightful video to his Facebook page produced by the U.S. Embassy in Kenya, featuring a variety of Kenyans saying “Welcome” (“Karibu”) to President Obama, on the occasion of his visit to the East African country, which begins today. 

  • Growing conservative disaffection with Pope Francis appears to be taking a toll on his once Teflon-grade popularity in the U.S., with a new Gallup poll showing the pontiff’s favorability rating among all Americans dropping to 59 percent from a 76 percent peak early last year.

    Among conservatives, the drop-off has been especially sharp: Just 45 percent view Francis favorably today, as opposed to 72 percent a year ago.

  • This morning, the hashtag #IfICouldTalkToGod started showing up in Twitter's trending list for the United States.

    As far as I can tell, this started with a tweet about fighting giraffes:

  • Monsignor Peter J. Vaghi (Ave Maria Press)

    Monsignor Peter J.

  • Screenshot from video included in post

    The Center for Medical Progress has released a second undercover sting video of a conversation with a Planned Parenthood official discussing arrangements and financial compensation for obtaining fetal organs and tissue from abortions. In this video, the haggling over the price-per-specimen is more blunt and obvious than in the first videos, as is the discussion of whether the actual technique used for an abortion can be modified to increase the chances of recovering intact tissue. 

  • Fifty-four years ago, on a July day in 1961, the world awoke to the horrendous news that a giant of American literature had died at his own hand, from a shotgun blast to the head, just days short of his 62nd birthday. Only the world wasn’t told that exactly that at first; the truth wouldn’t come out until much later. The official version was that he died from a mishap; that he had been killed from an accidental discharge from handling the weapon, possibly as he was cleaning it.