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  • August is a spectacular month in the northeast of the United States. It is hot, the days are long, the ocean is warm enough for swimming, and the trees and shrubs wear a deep green.  Northeasterners know that this will not last, that just on the other side of a short autumn will be a grim winter. Yet, during August, there is still time to linger outside, to listen to baseball on the radio, and to read books that are truly, truly enjoyable.

  • Over the past several months, the Catholic Book Club at America has considered recently published works about Jesus. In March, we read Christ Actually by James Carroll. The book inspired a great deal of discussion, much of which debated whether or not Mr. Carroll was a legitimate commentator on the life of Christ and the Catholic appropriation of revelation.

  • On, there is an amazing statistic: 9,089 people reviewed or commented on Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Jesus.  The vast majority of these reviews are quite favorable.  The audible version of the book has 2,129 reviews or comments. There are around 700 reviews of the book on Barnes and Noble’s website. Just to put this into some perspective, only 321 customers commented on Benedict XVI’s trilogy about Jesus of Nazareth, and 545 Amazon customers...

  • This is the third selection in our series of modern books about Jesus. You can find the first two selections and see future picks here

  • Beginning in December with Jim Martin’s book, Jesus: A Pilgrimage, the Catholic Book Club at America will read and discuss recently published books on the person of Jesus Christ. The Book Club will consider a wide spectrum of perspectives that speculate on the historical Jesus in light of Scripture. We will discuss the following books: