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  • John LaFarge, S.J., former editor in chief of America, wrote frequently about issues of racial justice for America and was a leader in the fight for civil rights, appearing on the dais with Martin Luther King Jr. when he delivered the "I Have a Dream" speech. This essay from the archives uses some dated language, but conveys his passion for the cause of civil rights.   ...

  • August 31-September 7, 2015
    Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), Sept. 6, 2015

    How can people be upset about a lion being killed, even if it was lured out of a protected area and slaughtered? A lion? There are babies being killed throughout the country, the world even, and people are upset about animals? Why is Planned Parenthood not at the top of the news? But what about human lives after conception, do these lives matter at all? Do #BlackLivesMatter? Do the lives of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean matter to anyone?

  • August 31-September 7, 2015
    Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), Sept. 13, 2015

    Jesus bluntly rebukes Peter, telling him, “You are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.” There are two contexts for this rebuke: one is the particular circumstance in which Peter himself rebuked Jesus for revealing his Passion; and the other is the general human reality in which all people struggle to understand the division of human things and divine things.

  • August 31-September 7, 2015

    I never realized the power of stories until I began working with refugees in East Amman. The stories I hear vary. Some are extremely happy, filled with vivid memories of times that were present with love and laughter, enough to fill a large Middle Eastern sitting room. These are the stories where you see people’s faces light up, their bright brown eyes becoming as large as a full moon hanging in the desert sky to light the secrets of the mysterious terrain...

  • August 31-September 7, 2015

    Editors Note: This article first appeared in the Jan. 26, 1974 issue of America

  • Editor's Note: The following is a review of several books, including 'Julian Bond: Black Rebel,' posted to mark Mr. Bond's passing on August 16. The author also reviewed 'Free At Last: The Life of Frederick Douglass' and 'Born to Rebel.' 

  • Like the wandering Russian in The Way of the Pilgrim, I am startled whenever I read the words of Luke’s Gospel: “Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and never lose heart” (Lk 18:1). Pray always? Never lose heart?

  • Editors Note: The following letters were published in America between September 1945 and November 1946. We share them here to honor the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


    EDITOR : I regret not writing you earlier about the excellent article. We Can Lose the Peace, by Benjamin L....

  • August 17-24, 2015
    Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), Aug. 23, 2015

    Ancient Roman society was profoundly hierarchical, and this can grate on readers today when they encounter certain biblical passages. Prime among these are ancient household codes, which delineate the duties and responsibilities of family members to one another. Part of the purpose of these passages in their historical context was to show how Christians fit within ancient Roman society.

  • August 17-24, 2015
    Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), Aug. 30, 2015

    The relationship of Christianity with the law has often been conflicted, stemming from the apostle Paul’s complex teachings regarding the Torah and Jesus’ own words, like those from the Gospel of Mark.