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The Good Word

A blog on Scripture and preaching from John W. Martens, America's Word columnist, and the Rev. Terrance W. Klein, the author of Vanity Faith.

February 2016

  • There’s a moment in the liturgy of Baptism when we are asked to reject Satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises. Just before Christ claims us, the church asks us to recognize evil for what it is: something ugly and stupid, something which separates us from ourselves.

    Primo Levi does the same in his memoire of Auschwitz,...

  • Taylor Chiu didn’t describe her mother as overly pushy or strict, though, clearly, her mom had high expectations of her daughter. Once, when Taylor mentioned that parents of other students paid them $20 for every “A” they earned, her mom responded, “Why would we pay you? It’s just what we expect of you.”

    Taylor went to high school in Palo Alto, Calif., an affluent area, where garnering grades and SAT scores that earn entrance into elite colleges is only part of “what we expect.” So,...