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October 2015


    This is the 26th entry in the Bible Junkies Online Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. This entry deals with the beginning of Saul’s conversion experience.

    For previous entries, please now go to the Complete Acts of the Apostle Commentary, where you can find links to each of the entries updated after each new blog...


    All of us live in small worlds. They stretch no farther than our horizons. Before the modern era, this was literarily true. Most people never travelled beyond the boundaries of the physical spot where they were born. It’s still true today, figuratively speaking. Jets and superhighways, modern media and communications can show us "the world in all its wonder"—in all its misery as well—but that doesn’t mean that they deepen the world, in which we truly live.


    Vows are for life, we say. True. Very true. In fact, true in two ways. “Vows are for life.” One might say, the first sense of the statement ought to be true. The second sense, must be true.

    In the first sense, when we pronounce vows, make solemn promises about the future before God and community, we should intend them to last the very length of our lives. This first sense of the statement, “vows are for life” is known and honored, if not always observed, by most.