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  • Pope Francis has decided that the public ceremony of investiture of the Pallium on Metropolitan Archbishops will henceforth take place in the prelates’ home dioceses and not in the Vatican as has been the case under recent pontiffs.

  • Jesuit Father Brian Daley, a patristics expert and professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, Ind., shown here in 2012 before winning a major theology award from the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation (CNS photo/Matt Cashore, courtesy of the University of Notre Dame, Sept. 28, 2012)

    Father Brian E. Daley, S.J., is professor of theology at Notre Dame University in Indiana, where he teaches historical theology specializing in the early church and development of Christian doctrine from the fourth to the eighth centuries. He...

  • Reflecting on online dating and the modern world at The New York Times, David Brooks identifies the "enchantment leap":

  • At the St. John’s United Church of Christ in Ferguson, congregants clap their hands, sway to the pulsing beat of gospel music. On a snowy January morning, with the heating system on the blink (the day before, thieves tried to disassemble a roof top heating unit to sell for scrap metal), this racially mixed congregation fill the pews, spills out into the aisles and onto the altar.

  • This week New England is coping with a blizzard, an event that can obscure some of the signifiers of social class. People pay less attention to clothing labels when they’ve got their heads down, hurrying to get indoors. Government reflexively expands during bad weather, as mayors and governors try their best to avoid fatalities on their watch—keeping emergency routes clear, providing shelter to the homeless, and leaning on utility companies to restore electricity and other services.

  • Catholic Schools Week has begun. The annual weeklong celebration runs from Jan. 25 until Jan. 31. The National Catholic Education Association notes:

  • Georgetown University announced a new infusion of funding -- $4 million -- for its impressive project to reimagine the future of higher education.

  • A final quote from Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez, given during the Q&A after his talk "The Meaning of Mercy" at Santa Clara University. (For the full video of his talk, click here. The quote below begins at 87:20.)

  • Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga during the Q&A following his January 20th talk on “The Meaning of Mercy” at Santa Clara University.

    INTERLOCUTOR: In the face of what you have said this evening and other times and what Pope Francis has said that so much today of the global economy is an economy that kills, an economy driven by idolatry, I wonder if you could comment more on those views, which have generated strong opposition in the United States among some listeners....

  • I know the sound of despondency. I hear a lot of it in confession. People come to acknowledge their sins, but, as their story unfolds, they can’t help but to express a dejected soul, one wounded over some intractable relationship. It’s always a relationship. Despondency would seem to make more sense with a diagnosis, but health doesn’t make any promises, which is why it torments us less than relationships. Failing a miracle, a terminal illness moves on ineluctably. We pray for the best, but...