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  • The ride to the church seemed too short to give me time to unleash all those tears. I had to preach. What would I say?

    How do you preach what you feel when you’re one of only a few black people in the church?

    What do you say to a mostly white congregation after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown? What do you say after prayers and litanies are offered to remind us that we are called to promote justice and peace?

  • Like most folks I have been following events in Ferguson, Missouri with equal measures of despair and frustration. I have even watched the live feed from Vice news before a queasy feeling sent me away from my computer screen—the realization that I may have stumbled upon a new cultural phenom which can only be described as riot porn.

    After a week of following the story on the Internet and via social media, I have come to conclude a few things:

  • Our identities are forged in life yet never by ourselves alone.  Whoever you might wish to be, who you actually are in the world is clearly a combination of your own efforts and their acceptance by others.  Indeed, to close off one’s identity from others, to resist their contribution in its formation, would be to make one’s self more an actor than a human being, something of an illusion, trying to pass off a self that is no more than a chimera. 

  • A helpful thought on Ignatian education for the upcoming academic year from the former Superior General of the Jesuits, Peter Hans Kolvenbach:

  • Cambridge, MA. As many of you will know by now, BKS Iyengar, the distinguished and venerable master of yoga, died on August 20 at age 95. A student of the renowned T. Krishnamachari (1888-1989), who renewed yoga traditions for the modern era, Mr. Iyengar himself became a globally known and revered teacher himself. His disciples are found all over the world; many would come from afar for regular visits to his yoga center in Pune,...

  • Father Greg Boyle, S.J., is an American Jesuit priest who works with Los Angeles street gangs as the founding director of Homeboy Industries in California. Before founding Homeboy Industries as a non-profit ministry to his neighborhood’s predominantly...

  • In one photo from Ferguson, Missouri—the third in a Boston Globe story on protests in the city over a fatal shooting by a police officer—several young black men are on a street at night, with one preparing to lob a tear gas grenade back toward police. In the background is a parking lot and a long...

  • Regis High School, one of three Jesuit high schools in Manhattan (and one of six total in New York), is the subject of a Wall Street Journal article today detailing Regis's effort to make the school more available for minority and lower-income students.

  • In an analysis for Religion News Service David Gibson reports that America’s Christian conservatives are pondering a ‘Babylonian exile.’ Gibson discusses three forms of exile: a return to a pre-Moral Majority separation of church and politics, a Benedictine model and the Jeremiah option.

  • Helmets crushing pads, hands swatting volleyballs, music mingling from a homecoming dance, the screech of sneakers across a gym floor: the soundtrack of life on campus. Throughout the day in a typical high school, there is almost constant noise. Even in Catholic and other faith-based schools where prayer is common, students and faculty are not long in repose. Our moments of prayer are preludes to more motion. We rest briefly, then get back on the highway. We are not contemplatives in action...