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  • Bishop Blase Cupich, the newly appointed archbishop of Chicago, is a longtime contributor to America.  Readers of the magazine and our website will know him for his many pastoral, thoughtful and forthright articles that have appeared over the years.  Here a few from recent years, with some highlighted quotes:

    "Staying Civil" March 5, 2012 (Looking at the USCCB's response to the HHS mandate):  "[...

  • While in my Jesuit training, I spent three years teaching high school at Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwest South Dakota. You've probably heard of Pine Ridge; the New York Times and Washington Post love to send reporters out for week-long jaunts after which they write about how sad and desperate it is out there. They're not completely wrong, but they miss an awful lot. 

  • In the latest edition of the The Boston College Chronicle, BC's publication for faculty and staff, Sean Smith reports on the newly created Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies. The Institute, under the direction of Fr. Casey Beaumier, S.J., will serve as "a locus for courses, workshops, publications, scholarly symposia and other events and activities that convey the character and nature of the...

  • Pope Francis is going to Albania on Sunday, Sept. 21. It is his first visit to a European country and he has chosen to go to the only majority Muslim country on the periphery of the old continent, where Christians and Muslims who suffered under communism now live together in harmony and have formed a national unity government.

  • In the Light of What We Know is both a well-worn phrase and the title of an intellectually intriguing debut novel. A story of international politics and finance, it’s by a British author of Bangladeshi origin, Zia Haider Rahman (2014). One day, on the narrator’s doorstep, a...

  • Americans looking for a signal as to the kind of men Pope Francis hopes to put in leadership in dioceses like Chicago might turn their attention to Sydney, where Bishop Anthony Fisher, O.P., 54, was just announced as the next archbishop of Australia’s only cardinalatial seat. 

  • Over the summer I read an interview with Bill Marriott, in which the 82-year-old chairman of Marriott International discussed shifts and trends in the hotel industry and how Marriott is keeping up with them. It was impressive, and it left me with all sorts of thoughts about innovation and what it takes for successful institutions to adapt and flourish. An excerpt: 

  • The New York Times reports that unexpected events on the world stage are complicating the Democratic Party’s plans to win the midterms (or minimize losses in Congress) by focusing on such economic issues as the minimum wage, pay equity for women and...

  • In the course of discussing the call of God, in particular the journey of Moses, a student once told me, "God doesn't choose the prepared. He prepares the chosen."

    I'm not sure where she heard that line (it was not original to her), but her comments have always struck me as a wonderfully simple way to understand our earthly labors in view of the Kingdom of God.

  • Mark P. Shea is a Washington-based Catholic writer, blogger, and speaker. Raised as an agnostic pagan, he became a non-denominational Protestant Evangelical in 1979 before converting to Catholicism in 1987. In addition to a number of books and regular articles in Catholic periodicals, Mr.