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  • Lent is almost over, and I must say, I am relieved: this is not my favorite liturgical season. Give me the little pleasures of Ordinary Time, or the serene expectation of Advent, rather than the sober confrontation of the forty days. Still, I understand why the church invites us into this time of fasting. Regularly in our spiritual life we need to examine our conscience and invite God’s purification. We need to make a new start. And so once again I bring the old questions before God: Where...

  • #RhodesMustFall has become a headline story and frequently used hash-tag in social media. It is has become the label given to a raging debate around curricula, race, white privilege and colonialism at institutions of higher learning in South Africa. The Rhodes Must Fall campaign began at one of Africa’s most prestigious universities, the University of Cape Town (UCT), and has now gained traction across South Africa and the world. Messages of support have come from...

  • Frantz Placide speaks about his high school education and the Florida voucher program during the final session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Aug. 30.

    The New York Times recently offered an informative overview of the faith journey of presidential prospect Jeb Bush, who converted to Catholicism in 1995. There are some telling passages that suggest Bush has a convert's appreciation for his chosen faith. For example:

  • “It is mercy I desire, not sacrifice.”

  • Regret is the grace no one wants, but only those who have grown beyond a mistake receive it. That’s one consolation. Those who don’t learn, or change, never experience regret. It’s a perspective on the past we only gain as we grow. The Passion of Saint Mark contains the most potent of regrets, a shame and sorrow candidly confessed yet easily missed.

  • In a highly original initiative ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to New York in September, Catholics from across the United States are being given an opportunity to donate small, personal, silver coins or objects that can be used in the making of the chalice that he will use when he celebrates mass in St Patrick’s Cathedral and, maybe at another venue too, during his stay in the city. In this way they can participate in a truly personal way in that event.  

    The silver that remains from...

  • Why should I care about Sweet Briar College, whether it lives or dies?

  • The person who will probably get the third-highest number of votes in the entire U.S. in 2016 is running virtually unopposed.

  • Five hundred and thirty years ago, in a battle, a King of England fatally fell off his horse. His crown, so they say, not unexpectedly fell off his head and not inconveniently fell into the hands of his opponent Henry Tudor to whom it thus expediently fell to become the next King.

  • With his call for a Jubilee Year of Mercy from Dec. 8, 2015, to Nov. 20, 2016, Pope Francis has opened up a space for possible discussion at the international level. A Year of Mercy provides the opportunity to advance several issues that affect people on the periphery. These are a source of pain.