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  • Pope Francis was given a five-minute standing ovation after he delivered an awesome address to the 253 participants at the closing session of the synod of bishops on October 18, in which he identified five temptations that he had seen at the synod, and told them “we have one year to mature.”

  • What does the final report of the Synod on the Family mean for the church?

    Essentially, the “relatio” (or report) published today, at the close of the Synod, will serve as a starting point for future discussion.  It was also presented with great transparency, including even sections that did not win the necessary votes for complete approval.   

  • The Final Report of the synod on the family revealed that the synod has closed no doors, all the main questions are still on the table, and an absolute majority of the synod fathers are with Pope Francis, in favor of a Church that like the Good Samaritan reaches out to care for all her “wounded children”.

  • Lots of activity, of late, at Saint Louis University, the Jesuit university of St. Louis, MO, following a recent shooting in a neighborhood near SLU. reports:

    Last Sunday, a group protesting the fatal shooting of Vonderitt Myers Jr. by St. Louis police left the Shaw neighborhood where he was killed on Oct. 8, marched up Grand Boulevard and didn’t stop until they found themselves on St. Louis University’s campus.

    And they haven’t left.

  • The atmosphere is tense around the Vatican on the eve of the vote on the Final Report of the extraordinary synod on the family.  It has revived memories of what happened in the early days of the Second Vatican Council, those who were here at that time tell me.  

  • When the much anticipated and much discussed preliminary session of the Synod on the Family concludes on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014, a concelebration of the Mass will take place at the Vatican and will be presided over by Pope Francis, along with the bishops and cardinals who attended and participated in the Synod. The eyes and ears of the world will be also be present (as they have been throughout the deliberations), through the various media outlets and news organizations.

  • One had to wonder, what wasn’t there to like? For half a century, because it had gained its capital in Rome by seizing the Papal States, the Catholic Church had refused to recognize the new state of Italy. In official church teaching, one couldn’t be a good Catholic and a good Italian. Popes, who occupied the Chair of Peter, had lived as virtual prisoners of the Vatican. Once elected, they never left its walls, didn’t even appear at its windows. And so, to church leaders, Benito Mussolini,...

  • It is hard to believe, but it appears that a five year court odyssey for a Pakistani Christian mother of five will continue. Yesterday an appeals court in Pakistan upheld the death sentence against Asia Bibi for "blasphemy" against Islam. Bibi, 45, has been imprisoned since 2009 while appealing her death sentence for allegedly denigrating the prophet Mohammed and Christian evangelizing. Accused by Muslim co-workers after a dispute over a communal water source, according to her defense team, ...

  • Got a brief reminder this morning  from Jesuit Refugee Services about a Jesuit missing in Afghanistan now four months in the form of a letter to the teachers and students at a school in Sohadat in western Afghanistan where Father Alexis Prem Kumar was known and is missed. It follows below.

  • Humanity is a long way from grasping all the potential of the Internet, even in the so-called First World where we are all online 24/7, at least so we’re told. In recent years we’ve begun to distinguish between digital natives, younger people who’ve known nothing but the digital universe and to whom it’s all pretty unremarkable, and digital immigrants, usually those of a certain age for whom it’s a useful tool, with which you might manage to get quite proficient while...