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  • October 6, 2014

    Sacred Silence

    Everyone knows—or should know—that a priest cannot break the confessional seal. Canon law is clear on this point. Some have argued that the person making a confession can waive his or her right to confidentiality and thus release the priest from his obligation. That question might soon reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • September 29. 2014

    Voting on Trial

    It is not yet November, but voting in this year’s midterm elections is well underway. In North Carolina, Alaska and Georgia, election officials have already sent out “no excuse” absentee ballots. And thanks to a recent federal court ruling that blocked early voting restrictions in the Buckeye State, Ohioans can begin voting in person on Sept. 30. 

  • September 22, 2014

    Final Payments

  • September 15, 2014

    The Minority Majority

  • Sept. 1-8, 2014

    Into Africa

  • August 18-25, 2014

    Assisted Suicide Split

  • August 4-11, 2014

    Revamping God’s Bank

    Ridding the beleaguered Vatican Bank of the occasional scandal is not enough for Cardinal George Pell, the new prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy appointed by Pope Francis to lead the reform efforts. “Our ambition is to become something of a model for financial management,” the Australian prelate told a packed press conference held on July 9 to unveil the latest measures in the...

  • July 21-28, 2014

    Homeless in Honolulu

    The local chamber of commerce in Hawaii wants visitors to think of Honolulu as a place where one can—at least temporarily—relax and forget about life’s problems. But this tropical paradise is not immune to serious economic hardship. Homelessness in Honolulu has risen 32 percent over the last five years, a troubling—and increasingly visible—trend.

  • July 7-14, 2014

    Iraq Again?

  • June 23-30, 2014

    Soccer’s Shadow

    Starting on June 12, some 600,000 fans will descend on Brazil to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  The quadrennial soccer championship will showcase the host country’s vibrant culture and revamped infrastructure as well as the unmatched skill of players from across the globe. But in the shadows of the newly constructed stadiums lurks the ugly underground world of human trafficking.