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October 24, 2016

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Peace Thwarted in Colombia

The shock defeat was officially by less than a single percentage point.

Small Steps in Saudi Arabia

Change, however slow, will be welcome when it comes.

Banning Surogacy

India, one of the top international destinations for couples hoping to hire women as surrogates for pregnancy, is poised to ban the practice in most cases.

In Praise of Politics

The United States needs to restore a particular kind of politics as usual.


Catholic Universities and #BlackLivesMatter
Robert K. Vischer

Why our schools must address racial injustice

Docket Review
Ellen K. Boegel

What can we expect from the Supreme Court’s new term?

Rethinking Russia
Raymond A. Schroth

Snapshots of a nation in transition

Third Party
Ross McCullough

Why vote for the lesser of two evils?

Books and Culture

Underclass Rebellion
Tom Deignan

Either way, if Trump’s candidacy is a problem, pundits on the right and left have thought of it specifically as a “white trash” problem.

Broadway Rhythms
Michael V. Tueth

Viertel tells many backstage stories about how the directors and composers managed to avoid a disaster, sometimes only a few hours ahead of opening night.

Moral Redistribution
John J. Conley

Reno’s portrait of contemporary American society is bold and grim.

A Heaven Somewhere
Rob Weinert-Kendt

That is, if the promise of the New Testament is to be true that we might transcend our thorniest divisions.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Seek Out and Save

John W. Martens

Faith in Focus
Not Yet a Saint

James Martin, S.J.

Outlaw Nation

Margot Patterson

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Matt Malone, S.J.

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