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October 10, 2016

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High Rents Freeze Inequality

There is not enough housing where it would do the most good.

Well Done, Faithful Leader

The Society of Jesus owes Father Nicolás a great debt of gratitude for his careful leadership.

‘Nanny’ Was Right

The first lady’s concerns are not misplaced.

Freedom to Serve

For generations, the church in the United States has provided succor and support for millions of Americans, regardless of religion. This is not a historical accident.


Re-enchanting the World
Patrick Gilger

Why protest movements must find ways to help us belong

A Virtual Faith
Elizabeth Drescher

Pokémon Go and the re-enchantment of secular life

Books and Culture

Keeping the Flame Lit
David O’Brien

Catholics with their “sacramental imagination” might make sense of what this man meant to some of his contemporaries.

Disabled and Betrayed
William Bole

'The Boys in the Bunkhouse' is a gentle though ultimately damning exposé.

Jesuit Migration
Robert Emmett Curran

Of the six jurisdictions that constituted the Society of Jesus in the United States in 1900, five of them owed their origin to Jesuit immigrants of the mid-to-late 19th century.

The Better Deal
Lance Compa

Candidates will have to combine American Amnesia’s policy prescriptions with a broader call to Americans’ better angels. Otherwise, Hacker and Pierson’s next book might well be titled American Dementia.

A Legacy Corrupted
James T. Keane

"We are more comfortable with Ezra Pound the madman, because we do not want to ponder Pound the monster."

Leak, Pay, Love
John Anderson

For all Stone’s posturing as a filmmaking maverick, “Snowden” relies on every manner of movie convention and emotional shortcut.

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