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June 8-15, 2015

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Tracking Train Safety

Moynihan’s Message

Fifty years ago, a young scholar at the Department of Labor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, wrote The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. “The racist virus in the American blood stream,” he said, “still afflicts us,” and “the Negro family in the urban


The Gospel According To the ‘Nones’
Elizabeth Drescher
Reading Scripture without religion
In Jesus’ Footsteps
James Martin, S.J.
News Briefs
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A Family Embrace
Diarmuid Martin
Renewing the church’s pastoral support for marriage
Lessons of the Heart
Anthony J. Zavagnin

Books and Culture

Time in a Bottle
J. Greg Phelan
When I received the go-ahead to review Karl Ove Knausgaard’s latest book, my editor asked me to “deal wi
Privacy Settings
Jim McDermott
In February at the Academy Awards Neil Patrick Harris made the quip that “Edward Snowden couldn’t be her
Gotta Sing!
Rob Weinert-Kendt
“Some people watch TV, we sing,” says Tanya, a middle-aged prostitute who’s part of the downbeat tableau vivant of Lisa D’Amour’s grittil

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Of Many Things
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Joseph P. Hoover
King of Crabs
Scot Brannon
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