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March 16, 2015

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Ars Moriendi

'Moral seduction' in the debate around physician-assisted suicide

Current Comment

As president of Notre Dame, Fr. Hesburgh was a pioneer in stressing academic achievement.


On Dying Well
Jessica Keating
A paradoxical relationship with death
Who Speaks for Islam?
Elias D. Mallon
Muslim authorities call for an end to militant violence.
Rediscovering Jesus
Timothy P. Schilling
Pope Francis wants you to get personal.

Books and Culture

Helping The Poor Prosper
Chris Herlinger
'The Tyranny of Experts,' by William Easterly, and 'The Bright Continent,' by Dayo Olopade
Leaving Queens
J. Greg Phelan
'We Are Not Ourselves,' by Matthew Thomas
From Left to Right
Dennis O'Brien
'Richard John Neuhaus,' by Randy Boyagoda
Climate Change Artists
John Anderson
‘Merchants of Doubt’ play scientists on TV.

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The Word
Following the Servant
John W. Martens
Faith in Focus
Paying Our Respects
Brian Doyle
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.
True Believer
Amit Majmudar
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The Lives of David Carr
John Carr
Of Other Things
The Sounds I Live By
Maurice Timothy Reidy
Vatican Dispatch
Partners in Protection
Gerard O'Connell