The National Catholic Review

August 18-25, 2014

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Current Comment

Regrettable split over assisted suicide in the Church of England should be approached in a spirit of fraternal love.

Death in a Small Place

Gaza is being reduced to rubble while the world watches on YouTube and CNN. It has been as dispiriting a display of inhumanity and failure as one can imagine, yet it has not been enough to compel either side to accept a halt to the carnage.


An Itinerant Preacher
Peter J. Vaghi
Following the poor Jesus
A Country in Question
David Stewart
Can Scotland survive as an independent state?
Power Player
Vladimir Shlapentokh
The reign of Vladimir Putin
The Bells of St. John’s
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell
It Takes Time
James Hanvey
On the future shape of the Anglican Church

Books and Culture

How the Rich Get Richer
Matthew Carnes, S.J.
One of the hallmarks of the young papacy of Pope Francis has been his repeated critique of what he calls
Sharing the Vision
Gerald O'Collins
These two books come from cultured and urbane Catholic professors of theology, one at Boston College (Im
Acts of Contrition
Ronan McCoy
Stark reality meets gentle whimsy.

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Rock-Solid Authority
John W. Martens
The Word
Like Fire Burning in My Heart
John W. Martens
Faith in Focus
Praying With Laurie
Richard Wile
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.
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Obsession Disorders
John Carr