The National Catholic Review

May 23-30, 2016

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A Court That Never Says No

It is exceedingly unlikely that only 0.03 percent of government surveillance requests are unjustified.

Indigenous Suicide Spike

Indigenous communities in parts of North America are suffering.

Reusable Rockets

On April 8, the world witnessed a great leap forward for human spaceflight.

A Force to Reckon With

This is grim news all around at a grim time for Chicago.


Portraits of Love
The Editors
A deeper look at ‘Amoris Laetitia’
The Key to Everything
Fernando Cardenal
How contact with the poor shaped a Jesuit’s vocation
Values and Voting
Richard E. Pates
Pope Francis and our faith-driven responsibility for the common good

Books and Culture

The Real Man
George T. Deas
'Augustine,' by Robin Lane Fox
A Call for Reform
Michael Rozier
'The Finest Traditions of My Calling,' by Abraham M. Nussbaum
Disarming Fanaticism
Dennis M. Leder
'A Step Along the Way,' by Stephen J. Pope
Lost in a Dark Wood
Jim McDermott
Hulu's new drama raises interesting questions for believers.

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John W. Martens
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Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.
Bearing Witness
Karen George
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