The National Catholic Review

February 22, 2016

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Election Angst

It does not take long to see that frustration and anger are part of what is going on in contemporary America.

Abuse and Impunity

If the United Nations is not able to police its own ranks, how can it be trusted to restore a culture of lawfulness in the Central African Republic?

‘Horace and Pete’ and Us

No one’s failures are absolved or explained away; they remain sins rather than being reduced to pathologies.

Mexico’s Coke Problem

Mexicans consume almost 500 cans of sugar-loaded soda per person every year.


Life Without Work
Ted Nunez
Will we be ready?
The Post-Secular Life
Michael Driessen
How Christians can both engage the world and be countercultural
Tyrants and Technocrats
Paul D. McNelis
The economic memories of Pope Francis

Books and Culture

Our National Scripture
Jerome Donnelly
'The Age of the Crisis of Man,' by Mark Greif
A New Secular Way
Robert E. Kennedy
'After Buddhism,' by Stephen Batchelor
Come and See
Maureen O'Connell
'Frank Browne,' by David and Edwin Davison; 'A Call to Vision,' by Don Doll, S.J.
Faster, Higher, Stronger
John Anderson
“Race” is a movie about personal victory and national guilt—neither Hitler nor Franklin Roosevelt ever shook Owens’s hand

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The Time to Repent
John W. Martens
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Of Many Things
Maurice Timothy Reidy
Just a Day
Jennifer Wallace
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Our readers
Washington Front
Character Questions
John Carr
Of Other Things
Stop Hazing Now
Raymond A. Schroth
Vatican Dispatch
We Are One
Gerard O'Connell