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December 2015

  • The morning 10-minute walk from where I live to the newsstand at 57 th St. and 8 th Ave.—with Central Park to the north, Lincoln Center to the west and Carnegie Hall looming over it all—is a world in itself. Here even the homeless seem quite at home.

    On an average day I encounter seven homeless individuals within 10 minutes. Three men bundle together, head to toe, several layers of filthy blankets pulled up over their sleeping shapes, their bags of junk food and other belongings...

  • As we enter the holy season of Advent and Christmas, we can feel great gratitude for the blessings of this transformative year in the life of the church.

    From Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical “ Laudato Si' ” to the Holy Father’s remarkable visit to the United States to the challenging conversation at the...