The National Catholic Review

June 20, 2005

Vol. 192 No. 21Whole No. 4696


Speaking the Truth in Love

Since Paul confronted Peter, the church has known diverse tendencies within it.


Leftover Embryos
John F. Kavanaugh
It should come as no surprise to readers of this column that I find President Bush profoundly deficient in implementing his culture of life theme.
Hopes for U.N. Reform
Celestino Migliore

Some suspect that the Holy See has no interest in United Nations reform. To be sure, the Holy See is not a full member of the United Nations; it holds the status of special observer.

Orthodoxy Online
Jeffrey J. Guhin
What does the number 26,300,000 signify?
Catholic Universities and Interreligious Dialogue
J. Michael Miller

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, the document from the Second Vatican Council that outlined the church’s relations with the great non-Christian religions in light of

Benedict: What's in a Name?
John W. OMalley
By their choice of a name, newly elected popes have tried to project an ideal for their pontificate.

Books and Culture

Living by the Sword
Mark E. Rondeau
Today as never before in their history Americans are enthralled with military power. So begins the introduction to Andrew J.
The Democratic Project
Nancy Hawkins
The newest book by the papal biographer and social commentator George Weigel owes much of its theory to the late Pope John Paul II, and i
Six Faces of Temperance
Joseph A. Loya
At the closing of the interreligious World Day of Peace in Assisi in 1986, Pope John Paul II articulated the essence and value of the day

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Openhearted Hospitality
Dianne Bergant
The Word
Three Cheers for God!
Dianne Bergant
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Teach Us to Pray
Greg Kandra
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
James Martin, SJ