The National Catholic Review

January 15, 2007

Vol. 196 No. 2Whole No. 4759


North Korea's Other Problem
International alarm over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions skyrocketed after that country’s nuclear test last fall.
Current Comment
New Years Resolutions for the EnvironmentHelp protect the earth by subscribing to some of Conservation International’s 10 New Year’s resolutions.


Kofi Annan: Visionary and Victim
Barbara Crossette

Kofi Annan, the quiet Ghanaian whose 10-year tenure as United Nations Secretary General ended in December, did more to challenge the thinking and prod the conscience of this unwieldy organization t

More Than One Way of Dying
David Hollenbach

More than 33 million refugees and internally displaced people languish in the world today. A disproportionate percentage of them live in Africa.

What Distinguishes the Jesuits?
Avery Dulles

From 2007, Cardinal Avery Dulles on "the shining features of the Society of Jesus"

Autonomous Individualism
John F. Kavanaugh
Time magazine’s person of the year was a mirror: Behold YOU. Yourself. You can do it. You did it. Be all you can be. YouTube. You are the star. It is a proclamation of pure, absolute narcissism.

Books and Culture

You Want Gloomy? He Delivers
Peter Heinegg
The poet-novelist-playwright Thomas Bernhard (1931-89) had much to be miserable about.
To Be Revised
Donald P. Kommers
The British statesman William E. Gladstone, reading the U.S.
Higher Learning
Robert K. Vischer
Notwithstanding the widely publicized campus ruckuses that have sprung up annually over performance of The Vagina Monologues, Catholic unive
Richard A. Blake
Thirty-plus years of doing this column have given me quite a high tolerance for awful stuff, but Apocalypto nearly beat

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