The National Catholic Review

January 2, 2012

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Syrian Winter?
In the judgment of the U.N. human rights commissioner, a civil war is already underway.
Current Comment
More Human Rights; Blood from a Stone; Don't Waste the tax Talk


A Change in Formation
Katarina M. Schuth
How the sexual abuse crisis has reshaped priestly training
The Long Black Line
Patrick Gilger
What I learned from three good men

Books and Culture

Heaven Boy
Edward W. Schmidt
Can comic books tell religious stories in ways that reach young people without diluting the subject?
A Writer at Sea
Franklin Freeman
Was Ernest Hemingway trying to be a saint?
Profile in Courage
Thomas J. Shelley
One man's battle against the Inquisition
The Horse and His Boy
John P. McCarthy
The salubrious 'War Horse' offers an understated anti-war message.
The Accidental Christmas Standard
Mary Valle
Decades later, I discover the true meaning of Bob Geldof's 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'