The National Catholic Review

September 30, 2013

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The Pope’s Progress

We are thankful to Pope Francis for embracing his role as pope with a “big heart open to God.”

Current Comment

Solidarity 101; A Tragi-Comic Opera; Understanding the Poor


Is Reform Possible?
John W. O'Malley
Historical and theological perspectives on the Roman Curia
A Big Heart Open to God
Antonio Spadaro, S.J.
The exclusive interview with Pope Francis

Books and Culture

Things Fall Together
James P. McCartin
Many retreat houses feature a labyrinth; pilgrims wend their way through a circuitous though orderly rou
A Boy Grows in Brooklyn
Dennis Vellucci
It is the 1941 baseball season, and Joe DiMaggio is not content. Fans idolize him.
A House Divided
Robert T. Davis
During his long, distinguished life as historian and novelist, Thomas Fleming has focused for the most p
The Tall Tales We Tell
Don Clemmer
An American paratrooper leaps from a plane, descends through the hazy night sky and lands, unnoticed, d