The National Catholic Review

November 4, 2013

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Our Sacred Dead

Killing civilians is not only immoral but also strategically counterproductive.

Current Comment

The editors on European populism, 'Anonymous' justice and Maickel Melamed's marathon spirit.


Why Mystery Matters
John Savant
Martha, Mary and the gap between economics and theology
Can This City Be Saved?
Kevin Clarke
Reconstructing Detroit after bankruptcy
Are We Winning?
John J. McLain
Coming to terms with the fog of war
Love of the Person
Jeanne Schuler
John F. Kavanaugh’s liberation philosophy

Books and Culture

Academia Nuts
Patricia McGuire
A college president who is not already a wee bit nuts might easily become so when exposed to the competi
Getting Beyond Doubt
William Rehg, S.J.
Demonstrations of God’s existence have long been a staple in philosophy courses taught at Catholic colle
A Political Club Soda
Peter Reichard
In The City of God, St.
Porn and Penance
John Anderson
Joseph Gordon Levitt's 'Don Jon' is an Augustinian journey through cinematic excess.